Save File Guide

Here at Foiling Office we work together with our customers to create the perfect product and we have different levels of input depending on your expertise in graphic design.

Design from scratch – If you do not have the required time or expertise to create the perfect design then let our team do the work for you. You can talk to any of our designers to discuss your thoughts and ideas, or just set some parameters for our designer to work to. Alternatively you can give our designers complete free reign on the design and trust us to produce an effective, highly creative design.

File check on artwork supplied – You might have the skills to create your own design and would prefer to send this to us. However, you may be unsure of the quality of your artwork and have concerns that it will print at a high quality, to the right size, in which case our team can complete a simple file check for you. If the artwork is fine we will then send it to print and if not we will send the artwork back to you with further advice on how to set it up correctly.

Artwork supplied and sent to print – If you are experienced in design and print and are confident that your artwork will print correctly you can simply upload your file and send it direct to print.

Artwork Checklist

We want your files to print perfectly, so we recommend that you work through our checklist to ensure that your artwork meets all requirements. If you are in any doubt please feel free to call us on 01270 252106 or send an email to

  • Ensure that your file has 2mm of bleed around all edges.
  • Save your file as a high resolution PDF at a minimum of 300dpi at finished size.
  • If you are sending InDesign files please provide us all images, links and fonts separately.
  • To upload multiple files compress them into a zipped file and then upload this.
  • If you are sending files over 5mb please use Dropbox, WeTransfer or MailBigFile to send your files to us.

If you are providing artwork we strongly recommend that you let us do a file check before printing. It is only to ensure that your file is compliant with our production requirements and will print perfectly, especially if it is your first order, or if someone else is creating your artwork for you.