Finishes & Varnishes


Foil Finishes is a metallic pigment which is press onto paper or card. We produce it with our brand new technology, which means we preserve the high standard but lowering the production costs.

Foil can be used to enhance your company name or your logo to really give your marketing materials a wow-factor. It can make you as a company stand out from the crowd. The foil will not only reflect the quality of your business but it will also impress your clients. They will perceive your business as giving higher vale. That will eventually make existing and new clients chose you over your competitors.

Foils that we have in stock include Silver, Gold, Copper, Pink, Red, Blue, Green, Matte Silver, Matte Gold, Rainbow Holographic and Glitter Holographic. More colours are available on request.

Spot UV Varnish

SPOT UV is a coating or varnish applied on a chosen area, it gives the print a highlighting effect and the feel of varied textures. Together with Matte laminate it creates a Matte and gloss contrast.

SPOT UV can be used to draw attention to a specific part of a design. It could be text, logos or images. It creates a more creative and eye catching result, which creates a more memorable print. They will perceive your company as higher value and that will eventually attract more people to your business and your revenue stream will increase.

Soft Touch Laminate

Soft touch laminate is a soft texture applied on marketing materials to give it a velvety feel, often compared to the skin of a fresh peach. It is ideal for premium brands and it work brilliantly with SPOT UV Varnish to add that wow-factor which can really amplify your message.

The colours on your print stays vibrant impressing your potential clients with the soft touch and the stunning colours. The touch almost always elicits an inquisitive response to its unique and unexpected delicate feel. It will make your potential client remember you and eventually later on, chose your business over your competitors. Increasing your cash flow into your business.

Matte Laminate

Matte Laminate has a sophisticated feel and blacks are paler, but it gives the look of high-class. The Matte Laminate is a subtle tactile effect that screams quality and professionalism. Matte Laminated marketing materials are great for when first impressions mean everything. Use it wow your future clients to attract them to your business and ultimately increase your revenue stream to your business.

Gloss Laminate

Gloss Laminate is a laminate provided to prevent cracking when folding or creasing. The Laminate does not only provide protection it also provides a stunning shiny effect with that extra look of quality in its reflection of light.

Add Gloss Laminate to not only longer the life span of your marketing materials but also to really make your photographs and images stand out. The enhancing of the vibrancy of the colours and images will make your potential clients notice you and your business. It will make them talk about your business and eventually attract more customers to your business.

Die Cutting

Die cutting is the process of using a die to cut through low-strength materials, such as paper or board. With Die Cut we can produce shapes that will make you stand out from our competitors. Special shapes can create eye-catching results which create more memorable marketing materials. The unusual shape of your marketing materials can make your company cut through your competition and impress your potential customers with your creative and innovative marketing.


We can crease and fold your product as well. Creasing refers to a way of folding a sheet more easily, because the machine weakens the paper along a co called “creasing line”. The technique helps to prevent the print from cracking and leaves you with a stunning folded result.


We can produce various products with perforation if needed. A perforation is a hole or pattern made by puncturing thin materials like paper. The series of holes in a sheet is served as an aid in separation of the material such as between rows of postage stamps. The perforation allows paper to be torn apart easily along the perforated line.