What Is Foil Printing

The Matrix® Pneumatic system allows us to add stunning finishes to your products including Foils, Spot UV Varnish and Laminates. Until now custom made stamps or dies were required to achieve some of these effects, but with the Matrix unrivalled finishes have been made possible by the adjustable pressure from the pneumatic rollers.

To apply the foil to the product, the area you wish to be foiled must first be printed in black toner using our digital printer. The printed sheet is then fed through our heated laminator with a roll of your specified foil. The foil is then pressed onto the toner and sticks to those areas only. The foiled product then comes out of the other side, ready to be cut, creased, folded or maybe just packed, ready for you to take away!

The beauty of this process is that the foil only sticks to black toner, meaning that we can also apply foil to a full colour print and still rest assured that the foil will only be applied to the areas that we intend to apply it to. We can even apply foil to a full colour print with black in it by first printing the artwork and applying a soft-touch laminate, before foiling on top of this.

Our Matrix® laminator is designed to laminate and foil anything up to SRA3 in size, meaning that Calendars and Wedding Stationery Packs are just some of many products that we can apply foiling and lamination to. We can foil a range of products from invitations and certificates to business cards and loyalty cards and even leaflets and brochures.

Why choose Foiling Office?

Our team is made up of industry professionals doing what we love – being creative. If you choose to run your idea with us you will be introduced to our highly experienced Marketing team who will endeavour to understand your needs and aspirations for your business. We will listen to your idea and ultimately add value to your thoughts; because our aim is to achieve your objectives within your budget.

We like to work with our customers, not for them, which is why we invite you into our production facility to see our team in action and sit with our designers to watch your design unfold before your very eyes. We also have an extensive portfolio of work on display as well as a range of samples for you to get your hands on to help you make those all important decisions of what stock? What size? What finishes?

Foils that we have in stock include Silver, Gold, Copper, Pink, Red, Blue, Green, Matt Silver, Matt Gold, Rainbow Holographic and Glitter Holographic. Furthermore, we have Clear Spot UV Varnish, Gloss Laminate, Matt Laminate and even Soft-Touch Laminate.

Top five tips for choosing the right foiled product

With so many materials, sizes and colours to choose from, how do you decide which is the right product?
1. Choose from single or double sided digital printing.
2. Size matters! Our products come in a wide range of sizes and weights.
3. Select the correct type of finish; uncoated, gloss, matt, silk or soft touch laminate.
4. Choose a foil colour that stands out from the background; light coloured foil over a dark background or vice versa.
5. Use at least 8pt type in a professional looking font which would be easy to read at a glance.

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